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Nutrition is so important to a healthy body!

Eating whole, unprocessed foods every day is key in keeping your body and mind healthy, and maintaining a healthy weight as well.

Try replacing high fat and cholesterol foods like beef with fresh chicken, turkey, or fish in some of your daily menus.

Check out the Mediterranean Diet.

For pain management, try looking into the Whole 30 Diet.

Eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables every day.                                                                                   

Try replacing fatty, sugary, and salty processed snacks, such as chips and doughnuts, with fresh fruit, salad, or fresh veggies and a healthy dip. Your body will use these complex sugars and carbs to sustain you through your day, without that simple-sugar “crash.”

Eating smaller portions slowly will feel much better than eating a lot very quickly. It takes time for our stomachs and brains to register fullness.

Let’s work together to help you become the happy, healthy person you want to be!