To the amazing and valued patients of Riverwood Health Montana,


We are excited to inform you that starting April 17th, 2023, Riverwood Health Montana will become Karis Medical Services. This is a unique medical service that we are truly thrilled to bring to Helena, MT!!  You will continue to be treated with the highest quality of care by our attentive, and friendly staff, but now we will be Mobile! Yes, we are taking our show on the road!  Literally!!  Karis will be the same excellent care you have come to expect from our providers and staff with the ability to now come to you or if it is more convenient you may still meet us in town.  We will still provide all the vital services that we currently provide including full exams, all screening labs, sutures, I&Ds, EKGs, Xray, etc. Karis is making House Calls popular again!  The goal of Karis is to provide the highest quality medical care, conveniently, and at an affordable cost.  Karis will be offering Direct Primary Care (Subscription Medical Services) at amazing rates.  Also, we can see you for any primary care or urgent care needs for individual visits without a subscription.  All our services are fair priced and our A La Carte Menu of services is transparent – No Hidden Costs!!

With these changes we will no longer process insurance claims directly, rather we will charge our discounted rates at time of service, and provide our insurance patients with Superbills that can easily be submitted for reimbursement. We will be adding a page on our website for all major insurance carriers and how to submit your Superbills to make the process easy!

Karis is your easy, affordable, transparent Healthcare Solution to provide high quality health care that you deserve.


Note that with Karis our patients will have the ability to e-Schedule appointments conveniently online at our website:
Check out our amazing prices online, subscribe today for our DPC Services, and keep an eye out for our Purple and White Mercedes Sprinter zooming around Helena taking care of the great people of this community!





Jeff Chandler, PA-C

Founder – Karis Medical Services

Owner – Riverwood Health Montana

(406) 426-5084